Bags of Ñoras “de La Vera” 500 g.

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  • 250 g.
  • 500 g.

We recommend storage in a cool, dry place
The ñora is soaked a few hours before being used, and then separated with the skin of the meat, which will be used crushed.
The Ñora is indicated especially for its use in the restoration, in sauces such as romesco, mojo picon, americana, in stews such as fabada, arroz caldoso, paella, etc.
It does not contain gluten or allergens.

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Bags of Ñoras “from La Vera”

It is a DEHYDRATED pepper with a ball shape, ripe, red and dry. It belongs to the genus capsicum annum.
It is widely used in the restoration of Levante Español

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Weight 505 g

250 g., 500 g.