Bags of La Vera Chilli 500 g.

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  • 250 g.
  • 500 g.

We recommend storage in a cool, dry place.
Its powerful flavor is shown from the beginning in the mouth, causing a reaction of the senses and a sudden change in our body heat.
In the kitchen if we like a spicy touch we can add chilli in sauces such as mojo picón and romescu to accompany vegetables, meats and fish; also in spicy spaghetti, rice with rabbit, garlic soup, prawns with garlic, tripe to Madrid, sea bass to San Sebastian, cod pil pil, snails, chicken with chilli pepper, etc.

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Bags of La Vera Chilli 500 g.

“La Guindilla de La Vera” is a pepper with spherical shape, the size of a cherry, ripe, red and dry, with a spicy flavor. It belongs to the genus capsicum annum.


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250 g., 500 g.